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The Battle Cats developed by PONOS Corporation is game of tower fencing. It is first emerged in Japan and now has become the trending in the list. So if you are one of them who want to get play this most interesting game then you are at correct place to know about the basics of this game. So without wasting the time let us more ahead to the introduction of basics of “The Battle Cats”.

First, let’s start with knowing about the skills required to play battle cats hack no survey.


The very first skill you will be requiring is the cannon shooting. You will be finding it difficult to handle the cannon at first but as you go through some practice, it will start getting improved. Actually, the cannon’s shooting is not that much of concern. The most concerned skills are discussed here:

  1. Cat Research – Priority skill as more effective cats will lead you to effective defence. So be focused on selection of cats. Here are some cats mentioned below in the article you should be using to get a upgrade level of gaming.
  2. Worker Cat Wallet – You also have to maintain this at higher so that you can use the money to have more cats on the battle field when it is the need.
  3. Base Health – Don’t waste XP level and treasure ton increase your base health right away. You just need to get your cats at their high level. Try to have cats with effectiveness.


  1. Macho cat – “Meat shield”, that is what he is used for. You’ll have this cat throughout your game.
  2. Tank/Wall – This cat is a most required to get the enemy never touch your base.
  3. Gross/Sexy legs – Another important feature for the beginners. You can pair this with Tank/Wall.
  4. Cow/Giraffe – used for fast hitting the enemies. Use this to get easily level up in starting of the game.
  5. Axe/Brave – Useful for first stage only. Needs to be replaced level beyond.
  6. Fish/Whale – Useful for second and third stage but needs to be replaced level beyond.
  7. Lizard/Dragon – This cat performs effectively when used with Tank/Wall cats.
  8. Mythical Titan – This is a tank. You can keep it for a long in the game as it is quiet effective. Easy to get level up with this one.
  9. Crazed Bahamut – Slow but hits hard. You can use it accordingly if you stuck anywhere.


You need to follow these steps if you want to enjoy “The Battle Cats”:

  • The goal of each battle is to reduce the base health of your opponent.
  • Whose base value hits to zero first, will lose the battle.
  • You first must have wallet full of money obtained by waiting or defeating enemies
  • When you have enough, you can get skilled cats for fight.
  • After producing a cat, you have to wait for a bit for having the same cat again in the battle.
  • During the battle, Cat Cannon charges itself. Once it is fully charged, you are ready to use it for shooting.

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