Complete Township Guide

township guide

Well, Township is best APK mobile game in which the critical step in the management of the construction of the city. As in starting you have a small town only. You have to grow the seeds for creating a plant with growth methods, and there are factories where you can process those elements and sell in the market for the money.

Hence, this Hack Township guide will explain you to earn most out of this game.


Here are some township hidden tricks you can follow:

1.Focus On The Farm:

When you began with growing as a city, you have to take riches through modern technologies. As the town depends on the seeds and products of the farm. While progressing through the game, the system will unlock both seeds & plants that are more beneficial for you. Keep in mind that there should be between the purchasing cost and selling the plant; there should be a big difference.

2. Keep An Eye on Order List:

The wheat is the best seed and always gives a good advantage. You should select a large land area for buying wheat. Then, you should keep an eye on the order list so that nothing will be left behind while planting and conserving the seeds.

3. Expand The City With best construction Materials:

Always choose the best construction material that fits the construction methods. These materials can be brought by the trains or wagons can be sent to return with such valuable resources. In the beginning, you can expand the city. Moreover, functional components and new grounds will help access the decorations and stuff. Try to get more gold as well as construction material if you don’t want to be stuck yourself in the future.

4.Get Easy Money:

For getting money easily, you should complete the missions. You can see the tasks by clicking on the buttons of the helicopter. However, out of these missions, some are not good, but few are more rewarding full of prizes.


  • You can use various decorations and buildings to create your dream city.
  • You can grow various crops and process them in factories.
  • You have to complete orders of funny people.
  • There are lovely animals for rearing and caring.
  • You have to focus on the aspects of farming for managing and expanding the farm.
  • You can build a zoo for raiding animals.
  • You can use flags and monuments of most popular countries for decorating your cities.


You can invite friends via Facebook to your town. Moreover, you can see the city of other friends.

Final Verdict:

Hence, you can avail full information about playing the township game with the help of this guide. Moreover, you can grow your city with the help of this guide. The above tricks will be lucrative for you to earn more rewards and money most naturally. In this game, you have to grow seeds, harvest the crops and sell them in the market after getting processed in the factories.

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