Down Detector for PSN

psn down detector

The Down Detector Service provides an overview of real-time data of the outage services. The down detector dashboard provides an instant overview of any service problems for any selected services.

The selection of the services is based on your subscription plan. You have thousands of services offered by the Down detector, from which you can select your preferred service.

The down detector keeps monitoring around the world for the specific opted service. The services opted would be listed on the front page of the Dashboard and also the charts that display the number of problems reported in the last 24 hours.

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With this down detector service, its clients can take full control of the dashboard. Like adding or removing any service. Or having either default or custom threshold when the outage is detected.

The down detector service provides an email alert service whenever the outage is detected and also for that the clients can set the frequency at which the emails need to be sent.

About the PSN Down Detector

Play station network is an online gaming service created by the Sony entertainment network. Which is supported by play station 3, play station portable and play station vita game consoles.

Most of the time, the player faces issues with the PSN server being down. 

The independent network status detection site “Down Detector” has detected many outage issues for many applications and it always had provided many detailed reports whenever the PSN being down. And along with the Down Detector report, the official PSN server status report page also keeps on updating about the ups and downs of the services.

Most of the recently reported network problems detected by the Down Detector for PSN are said to be

  • Sign-in problems are reported around 65%
  • Gameplay problems around 24%
  • Social problems 9%

Just because of the many PSN down reports reported in the past, all the time PS4 gamers got hit. The particular outage monitor down detector has reported a huge spike in PSN down reports in the recent past and the majority of the problem reported is due to Sign-in and other minor issues reported are with the PS4 online gameplay.

e-Mail alerts

As and when an outage occurs, the detailed email reports would be sent to the clients immediately. Which lists the cities where most of the error reports originated and as well provides an overview of affected ISPs.

Moreover, the e-mail lists the number of complaints that were logged which lets the clients measure the impact of the outage and work on the same to rectify it.

Such e-mail alerts will be sent only at the beginning and later if the issue persists for more than 10 hours then again the companies would get the email alert with the detailed report.

With the help of the down detector charts, the clients can further drill down on any specific service based on recent reports. And it as well lists out the previous outages reported and their tweets.  And it also helps in finding the provider-specific problems.

In this way, the clients like PSN, Wikipedia or any major client can work on the report and rectify it at the earliest to maintain their customer.

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