Dragon ball legends best characters

Dragon ball legends characters

Dragon ball is one of the finest games available on mobile. Many users find this game completely adventurous as it is basically combating. There are lots of interesting fights and game characters which makes it even more interesting. The legend game characters of dragon ball are very popular and there is huge fan base created for them by its players. This 3d online game is available for mobile users as well which is developed by one of the brilliant developers Bandai Namco. The story mode is built in way which includes rewards at the end of every game.

To play the dragon ball game well all the tricks and cheats are very necessary for the player. Each character has different and unique powers. By utilising the best game characters properly in the game you can reach high level and unlock interesting game characters. The game allows the player o earn medals. You can find every single strategy to win this game by knowing what the abilities of each character in the game are. Here is the complete character guide of dragon ball legend hack .

If you are a new player then it might be confusing for you to figure out how to unlock the game characters. You can opt for the consecutive summon which will help you to get a interesting and popular game character for you.

Now adding the starts to the legend game is very important. The limit break is one such option which helps you to add stars to the game. Each character has on depower for example if I choose the game character goku then I might of enough z power to add more stars. Likewise if you have any other characters earn enough power to add stars to it. Let’s see the top five best characters in dragon ball.

1. Paikuhan (sp)

Don’t judge him by his appearance as Paikuhan is one of the strongest and power skills in the game. He is a fighter who is good at close range attacks. Paikuhan is good at giving you some extra time to fight. He can easily mess with the enemy attack that is the main power of Paikuhan.

2. Piccolo

Piccolo is not only the one of the terrorising alien in the game but also one of the finest characters you can find. He has the defence stat. he can give some of the great punches to the enemy. He is one of the best tanks and best character in the game.

3. Pan (sp)

Pan may not be strong as piccolo and Paikuhan but this boyish girl can achieve and fight any enemy. Her power relies mainly on the restoration speed.

4. Vegeta (sp)

He is the throne holder in the game. His character is very powerful as he can survive the blast. He can combat against any enemy that is the main ability of his character.

5. Super sayan goku

Goku is one of famous character in the game. if you do not know goku then you’re not a true fan of dbz. He is has so huge attack power and the only character who can draw his ultimate attack.

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