Fortnite season 8 Final Battle

Fortnite battle royale games have been known for the worldwide popularity. This game is loved by millions of people and is available in multiple devices such as X Box, PC, PS4, IOS and even Android.

Fortnite season 8 has just begun with new exciting features and adventure to mesmerize you. Compared to another season this season is quite different from other seasons. The Fortnite assist mode and the pirate feature are quite enough to thrill you up in this season. The assist mode will make the complicated challenges easier for you.

The duration of this season is up to 10 weeks. This season will run from 28 February to 8 May 2019. One needs to reach to Battle Pass Tier 100 and completed all the hurdles.

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Cost of Fortnite season 8

If you wish to purchase the Fortnite battle pass of season 8 it will cost you around 950 V bucks generator. fortnite hack V bucks are the in-game virtual currency which can be purchased through real money. 1000 bucks will cost around £8/$10. The user will also get access to 100 tiers goodness of cosmetics to unhitch. One can even get this season free of cost if you complete all the 13 overtime challenges of season 7.

Changes in Fortnite season

  • Changes in map

This season is quite interesting as this time the developers have resized the game map and making it quite bigger. Sunny steps have been introduced in place of wailing woods. For people who love surfing, a volcano has been formed on the top right of the map. This volcano is very giant and one can drift over the lava easily. The developers have removed the cargo Container Park and motel.

  • Volcano’s and vents

On coming in contact with lava erupting out from the volcano, it will result in 1 damage per touch. One can even find multiple volcanic vents in the game. These vents produce hot air which can be used for gliding in the air. These vents can even act as a permanent launch pad for your squad.

  • Unique theme

This season has an amazingly unique theme based on pirates who are driven by distinct regular Blackhart avatars, Pirate crafts, and even a lava volcano. The other astonishing introduction of weapon is the pirate cannon. This vehicle can be found in the game and can be easily carried by the user to attack. This cannon gives 100 damage on direct hit to the enemies and 50 damage if shot within a small radius. One can even climb inside the barrel and shoot himself to reach a nearby location.

  • Party assist feature

Another amazing characteristic added this time in the game is the party assist feature. Before starting a match, by enabling this feature on a weekly or daily challenge, this feature will provide support to everyone in your squad. The members of the squad will be capable to give progress to the chosen challenge. The infinite dab duration has also been increased from 11 to 12 hours.

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