Know the weaknesses and strengths of Dragon City

Dragon City

In the Game of Dragon City, battling forms the major most essential part. Today we are going to go through the several aspects of battles that are there in the game of Dragon City.

Here in this game, players battle the dragons of other players with their own and this whole scenario forms the Combat essentials. Also, check dragoncityhack. live

In the World of Combat where you would be able to compete against other dragons of the players or the Arenas, players can well fight dragons in the coliseum that you build.

For expediting the process of breeding, and hatching both of the battles has gems for rewards that can be used for the same. They can also be used to the purchase of items or buildings and eggs. Combat challenges are also there at some event islands and heroic races.

Basic Overview of the Battle

There are no implementations of defence in the game. Regardless of the grounds, they are in every dragon would best deal on a similar amount of damages incurred.

There are a different set of skills, weaknesses along with the resistance that is there based on their elements and different health. These all depend on the different breeds of dragons.

Lower health points are on the high attach dragons, while higher health dragons in the Dragon City will be having lower attack mode to speak on the general terms.

Effects on the Inflicted Attack

The weakness and resistance of the elements for different Dragon City move decide the effects.

The following are the 5 categories in which the damages are divided into:

• Critical (super effective): 2X damage
• Normal: 1X damage
• Weak: 1/2 damage
• No effect: 0X damage
• Hybrid Element Note

There are default elements that are present in the breeds of hybrid dragons in Dragon City. This is revealed in the initial screen of statistics. List of Weakness and Resistance in Dragon City If you are using any types of dragon, this list would prove to be helpful to you. It is usually based on the
listing of weakness is how the list is organized here.

Metal Element
• Weaknesses: Electric
• Matter of resistance: Fire, Earth, metal
• Effective elements: Ice, Earth
• Can be Resisted by Electric, Fire

Ice Element
• Weaknesses: Fire, Metal
• Matter of resistance: Water
• Effective elements: Earth
• Can be Resisted by Fire

Earth Element
• Weaknesses: Ice, water, metal
• Matter of resistance: Electric, fire
• Effective elements: None
• Can be Resisted by Metal, Water

Water Element
• Weaknesses: Fire and Dark
• Matter of resistance: Earth, water, plant
• Effective elements: Earth, Fire, Electric
• Can be Resisted by Ice

Fire Element
• Weaknesses: Water, electric
• Matter of resistance: Ice, Metal, plant, fire
• Effective elements: Ice, Water, Plant
• Can be Resisted by Metal, Earth, Fire

Plant Element
• Weaknesses: Earth and Ice
• Matter of resistance: Dark
• Effective elements: Water
• Can be Resisted by Fire

Electric Element
• Weaknesses: Water
• Matter of resistance: Electric, metal
• Effective elements: Water, Fire, Metal
• Can be Resisted by Earth

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