Ways to Change Your Minecraft Skin –

Minecraft is a type of construction game which was developed by Mojang AB. The players while in the game interact with the environment provided by creating and breaking down different kinds of blocks in a 3D environment.

While playing the game, the players have an opportunity to create different types of structures on multiple servers in different modes. The players can also interact and play in single player worlds.

Minecraft skins are a great way to personalize the gaming experience by giving your character the type of wardrobe which suits it the most.

The skin is divided into different surface areas of the character such as front head area, left leg area and so on. The skin only allows solid colours. Transparency cannot be created except on second head area which is actually transparent by default.


Anyone who wishes to use custom skins in Minecraft, should buy a paid version of the game. After getting a paid copy, the player can upload new skins in the preference area.

The simplest way to create a skin is to-

  • First download a default skin from the Minecraft preference area
  • Open the file for editing in any image editor
  • After editing, the updated file can be uploaded on the same page from where the default skin was downloaded.

A preview of the skin can be seen before using it in the game.

Minecraft skin edit tools has a special feature of showing the part of the body the player is currently editing. This makes the use of Minecraft skin edit tool better and easier for the player. One of the greatest advantage of the tool is that, you can get a real time preview of how the characters will look like in the game.

Process of creating your own skin

The process which can be undertaken to create a personalised skin is-

  1. Open Skin edit

A blank template and a preview of the character in-game on the bottom right screen can be seen.

  • Start drawing and filling in the blanks

The blanks have to be filled and the final look of the character can be seen in the preview in the bottom right side of the screen. Click on the drawing to make the model stop running or the model can be even turned around using the mouse to see how the character will look like from different angels.

  • After the work is complete and the Minecraft skin making feels satisfactory, the image has to be saved anywhere in the computer.

Minecraft skin makers essentially have the following features-

  1. Creating a new Minecraft skin
  2. Default skin
  3. Online skins
  4. Browse skins from catalogue
  5. Edit Minecraft skins to fit the needs with tools such as-
  6. Colour wheel
  7. Colour palette
  8. Eye dropper
  9. 3D Hat feature
  10. Undo button
  11. Rotation of the character in different directions
  12. Front view
  13. Back view
  14. Left view
  15. Right view
  16. Top view
  17. Bottom view

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